Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to Base Your Mountain Bike Purchase Decision on Ratings?

The popularity of the sport of mountain biking has brought an upward increase in the market for mountain bikes. Like any other product, mountain bikes and these ratings are ranked can help a biker, whether a student or professional, to decide on the right bike for himself. If you are looking for a new bike, comparing ratings and matching their needs and ability to help you decide the right choice.

Mountain biking has grown in popularity over the years and mountain biking enthusiasts who are passionate about the sport know exactly fun, excitement and the adrenaline high that the experience each time you go by bike. The fun and excitement associated with the sport package comes with a danger and risk. Mountain bike and safety equipment play an important role in making this sport a little safer. But choosing the right bike can be a daunting task for beginners and it is here where scores of mountain biking can be very helpful.

As with any product, it is important to take an informed decision before finalizing the selection and purchase of your mountain bike. To achieve this goal it is necessary research to learn more about the various options available and the mountain bike ratings.

Mountain bikes and their scores

It is advisable to go mountain biking through multiple ratings by the end of his choice, because they are like ratings and comments may vary from one source to another. Thus, if a mountain bike is rated as the best by a source, there may be another source that may or not be half as good view of the motorcycle.

If you are looking for a durable and resilient mountain bike GT Avalanche is a popular choice then. That will require an investment of $ 1000 for this bike but the certainty that this will be a good investment because the bike is an option for many mountain bikers and is rated at 4 stars for a rating of 5, because of its durability and rough and tough image.

If you are a student and want to invest in a bike that should not hurt your pocket too much and should also be able to pull through their initial obstacles and falls, as a student, and Schwinn Mesa should be your final selection . The Schwinn Mesa has an average of 3.5 of 5 stars and is a good student of the bicycle and costs about $ 250.

GMC sport is a strong contender and is popular not only because of their ruggedness and durability, but also for its elegant image. Average Cyclists prefer GMC sport because you can use even raw, and then walks you can save money to trade for a better model for an exchange offer. And at a price of $ 250, the ruggedness, durability, style, and the benefits that the commercial motorcycle popular enough to be in a grade of 4 out of 5 stars.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mountain Bike Gears Explained

Mountain bike gears are continually becoming more and more complicated and complex. Today's bikes can arrive up to 27 gear ratios. It is common for a mountain bike today to use nine gears on the back and three sprockets of different sizes in front for gear ration production.

Why so many gears? The most common reason is that a large number of gears allow a rider to pedal at the same pace no matter what land he is. Might be better understood if you think about a bike that is just a mechanism. Every time you turn the pedals one full turn, then the rear tires also becomes a full turn, too (1:1 gear ratio).

For example, your back tires are measured at 26 inches. If you pedal a full turn, then it means your tires moved 81.6 inches. If you are riding on 50 RPM, then you can go to 340 feet per minute. This means you go 3.8MPH, which is equivalent to a walking pace. It is important for the speed climbing a steep hill that, but this is not a good speed for flat ground or downhill racing.

If you want your bike to go quicker, then you need a different ratio. If you want to reach a speed of 25 mph downhill with a 50-RPM rhythm, then you need to have a 5.6:1 gear ration. If you have multiple gears on your bike, then you can get that ratio so that you can continue your pedaling a consistent pace, no matter what terrain you are or what your speed is.

A typical mountain bike with 27 gears will have six gears are incrementally so close to others that you can not determine with any discrepancies between the gears when you change them.

Most mountain bike Riders decide to choose a gear system with a front socket suitable for slope or ground that they usually ride on it and stay on these options, though it can be more difficult under a heavy load to shift the gears. This is a purely personal decision, but it is simpler to shift between gears when the socket on the back, rather than the front one.

When you are pedaling uphill, and then see that it is much better to select a sprocket smaller in front and then shift gears with nine gears available on the rear. If you are over the speed sprocket at the rear, and then see that it is better to ride.

Mountain biking gears needs so you can maintain an overall pace going. If you do not have gears, then you will find it difficult to build up any speed and you would find it almost impossible to pound your pedals for extra control. Gears help to move the pedals, and enable you to gain speed.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mountain Bike Maintenance - The Basics

If you are a mountain bike owner is a great help to make your own mountain bike maintenance, it will increase your enjoyment of riding and save you money.

If you know you can repair any breakdowns you will feel more confident that occurs, the more remote trails, but you are less than with breakdowns if you maintained your bike properly.

Making your own mountain bike maintenance will save you money because you are not required to pay a mechanic to maintain it for you at the last part is that you need and change frequently lower.

The first important thing to do if you are going to do your own maintenance is to get yourself the right basic tools. Over time you will probably get more specialist tools as you learn more about your bike and it is part.

You must also bring a tool kit with you when you ride and you get complete basic tool kit to bring you more compact than regular tool you can use at home. Remember to try all the furniture before you take it with you.

Before even thinking about the tool though, the most basic maintenance to keep your mountain bike does not require any tools, it requires only regular keep it clean.

Get the habit of cleaning your bike after each ride, either by wiping or washing it in a bucket of hot water and soap. Ensure rinse it or wipe it and then will prevent any dirt getting in these places should not sit and help to keep all the moving parts move!

The next step in basic mountain bike maintenance including the occasional lubricating the chain. It is important to keep it functioning properly and there are lots of good lubricants available, including some self-cleaning ones. Get in the habit of applying any lube the night before you ride it to work with the chain properly.

Another important essential to check the air pressure in your tyres as this will protect them and give you a better ride. You should also change the tyres occasionally as part of your maintenance activities, and make sure you know how to repair a puncture.

The next things to check regularly the gear and brake cables that they stretch over time and become less effective. They must be replaced every 6 months or more, depending on how often you ride.

Essential for maintenance of the other to think about these issues is to check your brake pads regularly to their quick wear and obviously they are important for your safety. Check the alignment of the brake pad against the wheel rims, as they must sit squarely on the side when the brakes are applied. If not used they should be free of the sidewall of the tire.

Finally check all nuts and bolts on your bike in your regular maintenance activities and use an Allen key or a spanner to tighten any loose bolts can find.

Remember breakdowns will always occur, even the best Riders and the most expensive bikes, so the type of work, but it is better to be prepared and be able to deal with or avoid them where possible with good maintenance.

Be pro-active in your approach to mountain bike maintenance and care of your bike. Remember maintenance is usually better and cheaper than repair, and armed with a little knowledge can difficult for the rider that.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Top 10 Mountain Biking Super Foods

1) Blueberries - In case you did not know that blueberries are good for all sorts of things, including brain function.

2) Bananas - While bananas have been staples of the diet of mountain biking for many years based on the belief that the potassium would help to prevent cramps, they also provide a good ingredient for a protein shake. Having done their share of a mixture fast, simple healthy snack.

3) Whey protein - Whey protein Any course can be used in protein shakes, you can also use it to "balance" a high carb diet. One key to good performance nutrition is to eat lean protein at every meal. By putting some of whey proteins on some Kashi cereal or drink a portion of it with a serving of whole grain pasta, you can activate more carb heavy meals nutritionally balanced feeds.

4) Kefir - This super food is a little like yogurt steroids. Kefir has over all the things that make a big yogurt. The 10 active cultures are great for the digestive system and it tastes great too. You can find kefir in most health food stores and is showing up in larger areas as well.

5) Fish Oil - You need at least 6 grams of fish oil per day for optimal functioning. Your body uses essential fatty acids in fish oil to keep the hormones, nervous system, hair, skin, joints and more. If you do not eat fish every day, you must complete.

6) Orange Juice - OJ is ideal for before and after practice / ride drinks. Of course, you can spend a lot of money on drinks recovery fantasy, but I'm not sure you'll get a lot more of them you a cup of orange juice and half a spoonful of proteins whey. This gives you about 30 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of protein and heaps of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Receive kinds of dough so that it is not sitting on your belly while you drive or train.

7) Ground Flax Seed - While many people have heard of using flax seed and oil, few people make use of ground flaxseed. Ground flax seeds have unique properties that make it more valuable than oil, in my opinion. To begin, it is an excellent source of fiber, we all have something to use more. Secondly, it binds to estrogenic compounds in the body and prevents them from screwing with our hormone systems. Sincerely, environmental estrogenic compounds of the things we women take hormones that mimic estrogen in the body. Anything that helps you keep your shit and female check hormone levels is very good in my book.

8) Lawyers - Avos taste and provide a fat lot of good for us. For those of us who have trouble maintaining the weight when traveling many lawyers provide dense in calories and nutrients in foods that can help us maintain our high level of calories. For those looking to shed a few pounds that you do not eat tons of lawyers, but to eat some of you provide the good fats your body needs to maintain its high metabolism.

9) Quinoa - This is a "super grain" in some way. It has a low glycemic index, it will not screw with the levels of sugar in the blood, such as refined grain products will. As far people are allergic to wheat and gluten, it gives a good carb free source of both. It is also the only grain in the world with a complete protein, meaning that all essential amino acids are also. Add it all up and it should be a staple in every kitchen ATV.

10) lean red meat - Yeah baby, I said - red meat rocks! Seriously, we have dog's teeth for a reason and that reason is because we were designed to eat meat. Lean red meat will give you protein as well as CLA (a unique and powerful essential fatty acids) and some saturated fats (which is not as bad as you think in May and is necessary for the body). More simply, it tastes good. Been said that more than one package a gentle stroll with burgers or steaks on the barbecue?

The trick to making good nutritional decisions is to ensure that you have good things in hand so that when you're hungry, you can simply reach for something good instead of always reaching the ice cream. Keep their hands on these foods will help you do so.

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